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General Business Model - Let Us Work For You! Empty General Business Model - Let Us Work For You!

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Thank you for taking an interest in our business! We want to be YOUR agents for purchasing, selling, and transport!

We are creating the first and best network of mayors, Trade Ministers, and private citizens in England and abroad. When you have goods to sell, we will find a market with a profitable price. When you need goods, we will find them and bring them to you. You have merely to send us the request, and we will take care of the rest!

When we take a consignment from you, you can be sure we will find the highest price with the shortest trip, and bring you back your gold or goods, quickly. We offer the easiest and fastest way for Mayors and TMs to find one another, to identify supply and demand for all of your goods.

We will build a network of trade-carriers, so you can rest assured that when you are ready to sell your goods, we will be there to collect them. Shipments will arrive quickly, and safely.

We aim to be the dominant trade presence at sea, to open up those valuable foreign markets for your goods. Ships can trade in huge volume, and will be a key component in filling our treasuries here at home. We aim to build ships quickly, and in volume.

We promise to be open at all times for your questions, comments, and your business. Responses will be made within a day, and our target is to arrange and pick up trades within 48 hours (once we've gotten established).


How Do Our Customers Make Money? How Does Albion Make Money?

We have 2 options available to you, depending on how much money we (the Company) have on hand:

1) Consignment
    In consignment, you entrust us to act as your agent in selling your goods, for which we take take a small percentage of the total gross sales (generally 5%). We carry and sell your goods, and bring you back the proceeds in gold. (Or in other goods, if you specify).

    Consignment is always a good option, but it is best when the per-unit profit margin for the goods you want to sell is very low. In that case, it is in your interest and ours to simply move the goods, and convert them into cash or other goods. If they won't sell fast enough at home, we'll move the lot in bulk and sell it elsewhere.

2) Direct sales
    When we have the money to offer you direct sales, this has the advantage of giving you your cash right away. Essentially, you become our wholesaler. We buy your goods at a fair price, and cart them off elsewhere to sell them at our own risk. If we make a profit on it, that's good for us, but you don't have to lose sleep over what happens to the goods.

We hope you will consider us for all your trading needs!

For buying or selling, when you think of trade, think of Albion: The Jolly Company!

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